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Actress and Author

"The river that runs through the book is the question: What would happen if someone destroyed horribly everything and everyone in your life and swallowed you whole... could you forgive them?

And if you couldn't, how far might you go?"

- Karen Kondazian
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"This is a story that cries out through its adventurous surroundings - a call from deep in the human heart, a call for understanding, for love, for identity - and it does so through the skill of a magnificent writer. (It also cries out to be a movie. It’s that rich, visual, and dramatic.) "
— Jim Beaver of HBO’s “Deadwood” and author of Life’s That Way
"One thing I really like about this job is that I get to discover promising new talent far outside of the world of agents, New York publishers, academics, and establishment book reviewers. Karen Kondazian’s debut novel, The Whip, is in that category. Her well-written work, based on a true story, displays all the confidence of a seasoned novelist. I didn’t detect one false note. Try The Whip on... you will get as caught up in it as I was. This is classic Americana."
- Fred Beauford, Neworld Review
"The Whip, a thrilling and soul-searching read, raises questions about revenge and forgiveness as she takes the reader along dusty trails. And through Kondazian we have come to know, care and understand Charley Parkhurst and perhaps even ourselves. Above all this novel captures brilliantly the zeitgeist of the stagecoach era.”
— Art Kusnetz
San Francisco Books & Travel Magazine

Karen Kondazian interviewed on
KRON 4 San Francisco with Jan Wahl
Cover of Publishers Weekly

Front Cover of Publishers Weekly
March 26, 2012
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